New Glarus Sour Brown

New Glarus Brewing Company (New Glarus, WI) est. 1993

Enigma (Seasonal Release)


Sour Brown Ale

What the Brewery says:

A complex and intriguing original. The mystery began with wild yeast spontaneously fermenting a rich treasure of malted barley and cherries. Unlined Oak casks breathe deep vanilla hues and chords of smoke into this sour brown ale. Our Master Brewer has forged a smooth garnet tapestry that defies description. Wander off the beaten path.

 Words do not do justice for the character of this beer. An intense aroma of tart cherries, vanilla, and oak reach your pallet right out of the glass. The aroma of this beer is followed up with a tart, mildly carbonated and smooth sip. Finishing with exemplary and complex character, my palate was left wanting another taste.

While this beer would be enjoyed at any time, the presence of cherries and a sweet/sour complexion would make this an excellent dessert beer.

New Glarus is known for their world-class fruit beer, and they lived up to their reputation with Enigma.


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