convenient distraction

​​O’so Brewing Company (Plover, WI) est. 2007


Convenient Distraction


Imperial Porter that is masterfully blended with Aquacate coffee, from the Narino region of Colombia, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.


Available: Year-round, 750ml, 10% ABV


As I was staring deeply into the Wisconsin craft beer section for my next review, something with a simplistic label and an exquisite ingredients list caught my eye. “Convenient Distraction”, from O’so Brewing Company, was exactly the type of beer I was looking for on this cold, winter day.


A viscous brew, with an exciting aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and a touch of vanilla, is a dream for many craft beer enthusiasts. This beer does not disappoint on the flavor front either, as bourbon vanilla beans add a sharpness that leads right to a dry and prolonged finish. Working with Ruby Coffee Roasters of Wisconsin, the blend of ingredients and the execution of brewing delivers a beer that must be considered both as a premium porter and a premium value.


I would highly recommend this beer for any occasion, but especially on these cold, wintery nights.

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