GABF Gold Medal Winner from WI

Raised Grain Brewing Company (Waukesha, WI) est. 2015

Paradocs Red
Imperial Red India Pale Ale

Great American Beer Festival- 2016 Gold Medal Imperial Red Ale

North American Brewers Association- 2016 Gold Medal

Brewery Says: “Our Imperial Red IPA is the brew that started it all for Raised Grain. It’s a full-bodied beer with a bright hop aroma and initial caramel notes that are enlightened by a slightly citrus, acidic finish.”

This past October a Wisconsin brewery took home a gold medal from the prestigious Great American Beer Festival, which is held every year in Denver. That brewery was Raised Grain Brewing Company, out of Waukesha, who submitted their inspiration for starting a craft brewery. Raised Grain made this gold medal winning beer available in bottles just before Christmas. With the accolades, and being Raised Grain’s first bottling run, this beer will not be around for long. With over 3,900 beers at the Great American Beer Festival, I had to find out what made this beer the best for its style.

After I poured 10oz of a 22oz bomber into a snifter, I held my glass to the light. What I saw was a beautiful sight of dark amber and red hues that jumped out of the glass. The aroma was just as beautiful as the beer, at times releasing hints of melon and biscuits. The flavor was intense with malty sweetness balanced with an excitable amount of hop bitterness.

This is a must try if you like your winter beers to be higher in alcohol, with bitterness and malt characteristics. Paradocs Red warrants a trip to Raised Grain as soon as possible!

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