Brewing Company: Ale Asylum Brewing Company (Madison, WI)

Beer: Rictus Grin

Style: Belgian Style Pale Ale

ABV: 6.0%

Availability: Seasonal, Available for just a little longer, 6 packs and on draft

Ale Asylum has been cranking out notable, hop forward brews in numerous waves over the past couple of years. The most recent of these is the Belgian Style Pale Ale, Rictus Grin. Following the releases of Velveteen Habit and High Coup, this is Ale Asylums latest seasonal brew. I was quite excited to see another Belgian style beer coming from this brewery located in Madison, WI. The excitement was largely due to the consistency and drinkability of Ale Asylums’ Belgian style IPA, Bedlam. The brewing team in Madison has been keeping me on my toes and are hitting home runs with many of their releases. I’m hoping that this beer released in the Summer months will be somewhat refreshing and not overly yeasty or hoppy. With the weather being warmer, I like to have a beer that will have me continuing to reach for more. When I thought of glassware I couldn’t help but remember visiting the brewpub and being served pilot batch beers in pint glasses. After some research, I decided to try the beer in a snifter. The beer poured nicely with a lasting, foamy head and had aromas of spice and hops. The aroma reminded me of Leffe Blonde, a great start. The first sip was slightly sweet with a good yeast presence and the hops were noticeable, but not over powering. As I took another sip, the slight bitterness became more apparent. At 6% ABV there is little alcohol burn in this beer. The aroma became more pleasant as my glass slowly drained. I would love to drink this side-by-side with an authentic Belgian Pale Ale and compare. Overall, I found this beer to be enjoyable. Another excellent release from Ale Asylum. It appears that their pilot batch series is working. Mmm.


My Rating: 4.25/5

Here is an interesting read on their pilot batch series, as well as some info on the next seasonal:

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